We are computer hardware and software designers working to provide innovative solutions to some common everyday problems. Most of the problems we hope to address have to do with securing information from prying eyes. If data security is your interest, you have come to the right place.
Our focus is on providing products that provide security of data through secure encryption. This is best done outside the confines of a multi-tasking Operating System.

Since you may not have a full time IT staff available to assist you with securing your information, we provide devices that do not require you to remember or change any passwords or go through a complicated setup procedure every time you want to secure something. We provide a device that plugs into any Windows computer and a utility program that can run from anywhere (USB drive, desktop, ...) to secure your files. The encryption is performed within the device, meaning there is no access to the encryption process itself. Prying eyes are not allowed to monitor the process. This is important, since the Task Manager can dump the memory contents of any running process (possibly exposing any key used in the encryption).

With one of our devices you just plug it in and start securing your information.