ViewKey The ViewKey is a simple device used to do just two things, encrypt and decrypt files. Store the files you encrypt on a PC or in an on-line document storage location. Once your files are encrypted by your ViewKey, they can only be decrypted using your ViewKey. So, the data is secure anywhere you leave it.

NoPassKey The NoPassKey is used by a group or team to allow secure distribution of data by encrypt files that can only be decryted by a group members. Any member can send a secure file to another, but only the intended recipient can decrypt it. With either device, you plug it into a USB port on a Windows PC, download an interface program from this website and start securing your data.

In fact, go to any Windows based PC, plug in your ViewKey or NoPassKey, download a copy of the interface program to that PC and start securing data or accessing your secure information FOR PRICING AND ORDERING Click HERE